Tips to Find Keywords Your Potential Customers are Using

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Today search engine is an important facility for businesses to reach out their targeted customers through online marketing. To make your website visible in search engine, you have to put right keywords which can help you exactly reach your targeted audience.

It shows that keywords are the key factor for different online marketing strategies like SEM, and SEO, etc. Based on the searchable keywords, search engine provides the SERP results. To ensure your businesses reach out the targeted audience, you should identify relevant keywords which users are using to get the desired results.

I would like to share information that helps you find keywords that your prospective users use to find your business. Hope this tip can help you well.

Think like a user.

The most effective and simple way to find the relevant keywords to your business is considering yourself as a user and think the searchable relevant keywords which match your product/services.

For example, your business is related to mobile app development service providing company, in that case, think as a user that you are looking for a mobile app development company in India, then your searchable keywords terms may be app development companies in India, mobile app development in India, etc. Even as a user you have to think about suffix and prefix searchable keywords like Android application developers in India, iPhone app development in India, etc.

Get a feedback from your clients.

It is better to get a feedback from your clients, who have already reached you through search engines. You can ask for a suggestion that which searchable keywords they used to reach you out, because different clients may use different keywords phrase to reach you out, so that you can get an idea. It is one of the best ways to get an idea about your keywords phrase, because you can get perfect searched keywords directly from your clients.

You can use different keyword planner tools.

Using keyword planner tools to find keywords is one of the most effective methods, which provide you almost an exact result in finding out keyword phrase. Different tools show different results as per your keyword requirements, it means that for different geographical locations it shows different keyword phrase.


I suggest you to give first preference for the Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword research phase, because it provides you an exact and useful results, which helps to reach your business to a diverse group of targeted audiences.

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