Sell House “As Is” in as Little as 7 Days!

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What does sell house “As Is” mean?

•  Factually, sell house “As Is” means selling your home in the actual condition it is presently in.

•  You do not have to declutter, prep, repair, or renovate the house when selling your house “As Is”.

•  You will not carry out any plumbing, painting, or basic maintenance of your home when you plan to sell house “As Is.”

•  You do not fix anything in your home, or clean or spruce up the place.

•  And you can contact house buying companies who will buy your house in Virginia, Washington, DC or even Maryland, in any condition however old, rundown, unmaintained and derelict it looks.

But, the reasons purporting the move, sell house “As Is” for cash in as little as 7 days, would be :

•  Moving up the ladder, transfers, promotions, changing jobs are practically an everyday event. And in this regard, you may have to move from your present Virginia home. And, as you may not have enough time to finish all work, including selling your house within the time available, and you know you must sell house fast, you consider “real estate agents” ( HouseBuyersofAmerica/Blog ), but their conditions, commissions and time required may not work. So, you think it is best to contact experienced home buyers who will buy hour house “As Is”.

•  You have heard of the time taken to sell house via “Realtors” and the long list of to-do’s as in prepping your home, cleaning it, and showcasing it to every prospective buyer. And over and about that, you must pay mandatory 6% real estate commissions and it could take anywhere between 6-12 months to sell your house too. You cannot sell house quickly and “As Is”, so you feel home buyers are a better option.

•  You have inherited your parents’ house in Washington, DC. Yes. You knew it all along and now it has come to you. But you already own a house, pay mortgage and to be saddled with this, you need to spend a ton of money so the house is made livable. Due to practical reasons, you cannot move in there, you could get into land lording, rent it out or you could sell it. Now selling house “As Is” ( ) sounds perfect, so you are in the quest of home buyers who buy houses “As Is.”

You Can Sell House “As Is” to House Buying Companies

Wherever you reside, be it Washington, DC, Maryland or even Virginia, the local house buying companies are ideal for a host of reasons. They specialize in buying houses “As Is” and they complete the process in as little as 7 days and offer cash for the house. And to set the ball in motion, they make immediate and competitive cash offers. They don’t charge any fees or commissions and they have no financial contingencies. Everything is “As Is” as stated and it is a hassle-free process!

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