Python and Django Training in Koramangla Bangalore

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Python, with its easy and clear syntax comprising of interactive and object oriented feature is in demand. It can be applied to different classes of problem as it comes up with large standard library. It’s effective when used using framework named Django. So we provide this in-demand language python training in  Koramangala Bangalore which is easy to learn and recommended to both beginners and professionals.

  • You have never programmed before. Don’t worry you can start with Zenrays learning python from basics and can advance to the level of expertise.
  • If you are working professional or cannot access hands-on classroom training then you are at the right place. We have the online class facilities also so that you can code right there from your place. Code and Learn Python trainings in Bangalore
  • Along with the training of python in Bangalore you will learn to use the high – level Python web framework i.e. Django which makes easier to build web app with less code and more quickly.
  • After hands-on training with our experienced industry consultants, you will have to work on live project with our in-house development team.
  • Training you is not the only purpose of Zenrays, we also provide placement assistance for your better future as a part of python training in Hubli.
  • Along with the training and live project you will get course completion certificate and experience letter with your name added as a contributor in the project undertaken.

About ZenRays:

ZenRays is a product and Skill development company founded by IITians and Industry Experts. Technology Training wing of ZenRays has trained more than 10,000 professionals worldwide.ZenRays providing python Django training in Koramangala, Bangalore. The company aims to build a global IT talent pool with rigorously trained experts as per industry standards.Technology Training ,learning and development started at zenrays in 2015 and today we conduct classroom and online session and train people across globe.

Zenrays imparts IT knowledge and human resource to various companies , it also helps individuals to enhance their existing technical skills and be more competitive in the market. Since inception, Zenrays’s team has consulted more than 50 MNCs world wide, which includes projects in E-commerce, UI Development, Social Networking and Corporate Consulting domain.


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Sharing is Caring !