How to care for your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Reclaimed or salvaged wood as it is commonly known, is a popular choice of material on wooden furniture. This kind of wood is repurposed, and is obtained from sources like fallen trees, railway tracks, old barns, demolished buildings, floating logs, and so on. Furniture made from reclaimed wood works well when building or remodeling a house around a vintage or rustic theme. The beautiful grain and naturally weathered look of the salvaged wood lend a simple and modest charm that make it a great choice in this regard. However, as with any other piece of wooden furniture, reclaimed ones too need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure a long life. Here is how you can care for your reclaimed wood furniture pieces.

Protection from heat and moisture

Salvaged wood articles, be they indoors or outdoors, need to be protected from heat and excessive moisture so that they stay intact over a longer period of time. Reclaimed wooden furniture ( FoxDenDecor/Reclaimed-Furniture ) can be found in the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the form of coffee tables, sofa tables, dining tables, and kitchen counters, and so on. It is important not to place hot objects directly on the wooden surface. Mugs with piping hot coffee, dishes, and pans with sizzling hot food can leave permanent marks on the wooden surface. Use coasters and trivets to prevent hot objects from coming in contact with the wood. Use these also when placing extremely cold objects, as the moisture that condenses can harm the surface finish.

The same applies to vanities and cabinets used in bathrooms. Protect these wooden objects by applying water and moisture resistant finishes. Use a fan or ventilation source to remove steam from the bathroom after a hot shower. The wooden vanity, else, can soak up the moisture and get damaged.

Keeping away scratches

Scratches can form on the wooden surface from time to time, if not used with caution. To prevent the same, make sure that you don’t write on paper that is placed directly on the table. Also, do not leave sharp objects such as knives, forks, or razor blades in direct contact with the wooden surface. Also, keep reclaimed wood tables free from crumbs and grit so that they don’t form scratches over use. To remove crumbs from cracks, use a toothbrush or paintbrush with soft bristles.

Protection from sunlight

Sunlight has a fading effect on the wood. Even though reclaimed wood has a naturally weathered look, it needs protection from sunlight to maintain its beauty and form. When placing tables or other reclaimed wood furniture pieces next to a window or door, utilize curtains or blinds to keep the direct light away. For outdoor furniture, use protective finishes that retain the wood’s natural appearance.

Regular cleaning

It is a good habit to clean your reclaim wood furniture from time to time. When doing so, use a wood cleaner designed specifically for reclaimed wood. Ideally this product contains natural ingredients, and is free form harmful chemicals that may react with the wood and damage it.

Also, remove food particles and liquid spills from your table and vanity counter tops immediately so that they do not stain or leave undesirable marks on your furniture ( ). Always use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber, for cleaning the wooden surface, lest it forms scratches.

There is nothing like a well maintained reclaimed wooden furniture. A little time, caution, and effort are all that you need to keep your beautiful piece pristine for a long period of time.

Sharing is Caring !