How non-technical founder can run app based business

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It’s seen difficult for non-technical people to go into software business because of their limited knowledge about the technology. But there isn’t any reason that non-technical people cannot build and manage an app business.

First of all – you never need to be developer to build a mobile app business. Similarly, you also need not to burn your fingers right away to manage app developers. As a non-technical starter, here are the tips you should keep in mind

Seek assistance while hiring

What needs to get all your focus is – hire the right people for your project. No matter you deploy an in-house team or outsourced developers, make sure you are hiring the best people in the world.

It’s not hidden that bad people make bad things and so is the case with mobile application development too. With bad association of developers, you can always expect end of your mobile business even you have world’s great app development idea. Many start-up owners are seen to blame their tech-team or poor quality of the product that caused failure but if they would have hired right developers, they too could experience success.

Before you begin with hiring, always see assistant of a senior technical person who could help you choose the right developers. While hiring outsourced team, check their portfolio and the recently built apps for UI, UX, functionalities, lags and bugs. You can also ask for some most recent customer references too.

Keep checking if the outsourced team is showing interest you were looking for, discussing things to the level you need and then providing better suggestion.

Your app is only as good as the brief

If you want your developers creating a fantastic app, it is necessary you provide them a good brief. Create mockups and create complete detail briefing developers not only about your expectations but also helping clearing about your thoughts.

You will require putting a bit additional efforts to create workflow, mockups / wireframes with description of the app before engaging with any mobile application development team.

Before allowing developers to begin development, ask them to create a details functional specification doc going further in depth into each and every flow of work and functionality of the app.

Learn about technology, don’t learn to code

If you are going to be an app business owner but have no idea about coding, you better learn about the technology instead. For example, to drive a car safely, you need no to be an automobile engineer. Same applies when you run an app business. You have to learn how particular technology is working to manage things successfully.


Sharing is Caring !