Google Introduces App called Trusted Contact to Help Your Loved Ones Find You During Emergencies

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During emergency situations, we struggle a lot to contact a person who is close to us. When we are not able to find him, first we think about calling, but if he is in crisis, how he replies to your call. This is where Google’s new app Trusted Contacts help you.

Apple’s Find My Friends, and Facebook’s Safety Check are existing players who are helping to handle these type of emergency cases.

We can say that Google has put one step ahead by introducing new app Trusted Contacts. Trusted contact helps people to share their exact location with any of their trusted contact. A person who has been listed in a trusted contact can accept or reject their request, if they fail to respond to it, then automatically the request will be accepted by the app and consequently it shares the location.


If you compare the app with Apple’s Find My Friend, you will prefer Trusted Contact more, because the person who is using Find My Friend can be able to share their location for a certain period of time, and it requires him to be online. But in case of Trusted Contacts user can share their location at any time with no limits. Even it works offline. When your phone is going off, the app tracks your last online location by verifying it.

Reduces the crimes

People who have to go late at night, and walking on the streets alone may feel about safety. Because, according to a survey on crime, most of the people are attacked in night by street walkers. With this app, they can share their location with their trusted contacts, so it helps to reduce crimes act.

Reduces mischief done by cab drivers

Cab apps like Ola, and Uber have created a different move in the world of travel, they offer maximum travel comfort. Some cab drivers make mischief with the customers, so to avoid that, the travel app displays the driver details while booking a cab, even though some drivers make mischief with the customers. So by utilizing the Trusted Contacts travelers can share the location with the trusted contacts if they feel unsafe.

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Sharing is Caring !