Details of the Best Siemens Actuators

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Siemens is known for its comprehensive, low energy consuming offerings in the HVAC industry. Siemens actuators are one of the most used actuators for a variety of applications including schools, universities, medical facilities, office building and commercial properties. All the actuators and valves from Siemens can be perfectly matched to accommodate any building that needs automation concerning HVAC. Be it water, steam or any other medium, these valves and actuators are designed to be dependable and precise.

Another advantage of Siemens actuators ( ) is that they are very cost effective when it comes to installation and maintenance. All of the actuators and valves from the house of Siemens are optimally matched so that costs are reduced during both installation and operation. However, despite the cost effectiveness, the quality of HVAC products from Siemens is of high standards and high levels of security against failure are employed to ensure safety and durability. In this article, we are going to list out the best Siemens actuators and discuss their features, applications and benefits.

1.  Zone Valves and Actuators

These actuators find a wide range of applications in fan coils, unit ventilators, on/off control and circulation of hot/cold water. The actuators come with a pressure close-off up to 45 psi and have a Cv range of 1.0-7.0. The line size ranges from .5 to 1 inch and the body style comprises of both 2 way and 3 way variants.

2.  Globe Valves and Actuators

These Siemens actuators come in two variants namely Powermite and Flowrite. The Powermite uses a direct-coupled technology for easier connection of valve body and actuators without the need of any tools. Flowrite comes with both threaded and flanged end connections that are compatible with a variety of electronic and pneumatic valve actuators. The former has a close off up to 160 psi, Cv range of 0.4 to 10, line size ranging from .05 to 1 inch and services mediums like hot/cold water and steam. The latter has a close off up to 250 psi, Cv range of 1.0 to 40 and line sizes ranging from 0.5 to 6 inch and services mediums like hot/cold water and steam like Powermite. While Powermite finds applications in conditions like VAV reheat, small terminals units, low pressure steam and hot/chilled water, Flowrite finds applications in conditions like air handling unit ( ), central plant equipment, steam and hot/cold water.

3.  Ball Valves and Actuators

This Siemens actuator can control hot/chilled water and also control up to 50% glycol solution in convectors, fan coil units, unit conditioners, radiation and reheat coils. The close off is up to 200 psi, the line size range is 0.5 to 2 inch and the Cv range is 0.4 to 160. Siemens ball actuators can find a number of applications in small air handling units, central plant equipment, large terminal units and circulation of hot/chilled water.

Apart from the above mentioned, Siemens actuators also include Magnetic and Butterfly actuators which find applications in terminal units, air handling units, central plant equipment, tower bypass, isolation and more.

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