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Testing Training in Bangalore

Every software needs to be tested to make it perfect and bug free.Wihout testing our sofware will give unexpected results and will create confusion  and problems.

Today testing is a very big industry as everything is automated using softwares.The more softwares we use, the more we need to test them.

Testing can be classified into 2 categories

  • 1)Manual Testing
  • 2)Automated Testing

Manual Testing:Manual testing is the process in which the we test the sofware like a regular user.First the tester comes up with the list of all the possible scenarios.Later he tests the software for every scenario. If for some scenarios, the sofware  doesnt work as expected, he raises a bug and passes to the develoment team The developer corrects the software and the tester tests it once again. This cycle is repeated till the sofware works as expected in all scenarios.

Automation Testing: In automated testing, tester creates program that automatically open the browser and test the sofware for all the scenarios.

Automation testing  is done using tools like selenium which can open the browser window and perform operations like clicking button, filling forms, opening and closing the tabs.Testers need to write code to perform operations. Though its time consuming for first time, but next time the same code can be resused to test the sofware again and again. Today most companies have teams for both manual and automation testing. Knowledge of automation testing is very helpful in getting a high paying job.

Zenrays Technologies provides you Testing inBangalore.

1.There is a huge demand for candidates having knowledge of complete testing as development continues. Hence, at Zenrays we cover manual, advanced and automated testing using selenium(open source framework).

2.Our course is designed for both fresher and working professionals which is industry specific.

3.Our sessions are hands-on and opportunity to work on live project with us will help you to excel testing.

4.Post training you will learn how to use different automation tool , and most importantly selenium who have the support of largest browser vendor.

5.We make you to learn practically from day one instead of making you copy PPTs and writing notes.

6.Both weekdays and weekends batches are provided as per the ease of candidate.

Why Software Testing is Important:

Programming testing is vital in light of the fact that we as a whole commit errors. but some of them are expensive . We need to check  everything and anything we produce because things can always go wrong – Humans commit errors all the time

ZenRays provide the following to make you expert

  • 1Fully practical and project based sessions from first class.
  • 2Training by Experienced Consultants, not regular Trainers
  • 3Friendly and enthusiastic faculty to clear your doubts 24X7
  • 4Free Live project after the training to get you industry experience

If you want more details please visit us: Reach us at

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