Best Public Parks in Dubai

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Parks might not be the first thing you associate with Dubai, but the city boasts some of the most beautiful, tranquil, clean, green parks anywhere. Try various parks which spread in across 150 acres of lawns, waterfalls and hills made for jogging and sports like rounders.

Dubai offers beautiful and amazing parks and beaches that every family can enjoy. Let’s have a look on these parks which offer leisure and fun activities to keep everyone busy & can enjoy.

Mamzar Beach Park

Mamzar Beach Park is one of Dubai’s best beach parks & it’s absolutely massive so you can drive your car in! It has acres of open grassland and 5 beaches as well as a huge outdoor swimming pool. It’s perfect for barbeques and picnics. It has amazing facilities including small cafes, small grocery stores, wash facilities, changing rooms; childrens play areas & so on.

Al Barsha Park

One of Dubai’s newest parks and part of the greening of Dubai & it’s very popular in local residents. The park is large and has giant ponds that have a walking or running track round them- perfect for exercising and you can also cycle around. There are loads of places for kids to play and also areas for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Creek Park

Creek Park is one of the oldest & most popular parks in Dubai where families can fill the park at the weekends. The park has loads of plants, greenery along with mazes and a nature trail as well as barbeque areas and childrens’ play areas.

AL Mamzar Beach Park

Best known for its five beaches, this fringe of the city park has more than 6,000 cultivated plants, 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees and is one of the greenest areas of the city. This is one of the few parks in the city that you can genuinely spend a full day at.

Safa Park

The king of Dubai parks has undergone several major upgrades in that time – the most significant is underway right now. It is still a favored location for greenery and relaxation despite the current downsizing.

There are lots of parks available for us in Dubai where one can enjoy with their family and dear ones. If you just simply want to go out on a picnic and enjoy the nature, Dubai’s park is the place to visit which can made your day during the picnic.

While planning Dubai holidays, you can add these parks in your list as must visit destination.

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