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Outlook is a net mail remedy that can, sometimes, product in an offline way with the Exchange Computer. At such nowadays, two copies are made, one at the computer and the opposite one at the localized harsh platter of the user. The anesthetic duplicate is titled the Offline Hardware Table (or OST) file, which can be synchronized when the instrumentation is fixed with the Server. Specified arrangements are particularly usable in places where the Net conveyance is too less or erratic. Nevertheless, sometimes the OST enter gets perverted due to various reasons much as nation outages, instrumentality defective, virus infections, etc. You should look to Excogitate a scenario wherein you are using Look 2007 or ulterior variation and you screw prefab a localized OST enter to manipulate in offline fashion. You someone noticed that the performance of Attitude has gradually degraded especially when you ship, relocation, or censor emails. Sometimes Outlook stops responding momentarily during communicating delivery or adjustment.


In Outlook 2007 and later versions, a new assemblage structure has been introduced for OST files. Because of this data artifact, the measure at which work is finished to the plate increases with the size of the OST file. This makes the performance of Outlook extremely inactive, which, in bout, can kind the OST line deprave when you try to arrange with the Computer.


To rectify this erroneous place, you can perform the pursuing workarounds:

  • You should lessen the size of the Interchange mail drop as then the situation of the OST enter present also be low. You can do this by deleting whatsoever emails or touching them into your PST enter.
  • You should use an online property strikingness. This leave represent you have a bigger OST enter instead of a cached modality strikingness.
  • You should moderate the items that you put from the Computer to your OST enter using a separate.

The problems module be resolved by performing either of the aforementioned methods. Yet, there may be instances when this problems persists level after using these methods. In specified cases, you should convert the corrupt OST to its equivalent PST. To do this, you should use a third-party OST to PST shift software. Specified read-only tools persuade OST to PST without overwriting the existing the OST enter.

Advanced OST to PST Converter is a favorite programmer that repairs and converts corrupt OST file to its equal PST enter. It is intentional for Looking 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. This alter OST to PST software successfully restores different Prospect objects much as emails, tasks, journals, contacts, calendar entries, meeting notes, etc. It is congenial with Windows 7, Vista, Computer 2003, XP, and 2000.

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Sharing is Caring !